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Best Vango Double Sleeping Bags

If you are a couple heading off on your next campervan or camping adventure you may well be looking for a sleeping bag for two so cuddling is on the cards. Well we’ve taken some time to roundup the best double sleeping bags from camping experts Vango

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Vango Ember Double

The cheapest sleeping bag from Vango but one that will still tick lots of boxes. At this price point you get a 2 season rating and a comfort temp of 9°C making it ideal for summer UK camping or caravan/indoor use. It only has a single layer of insulation and is 100% polyester but that’s expected at this pricing. Comes supplied with a matching stuff sack for storage.

Best For: First time/budget summer campers or for occasional use

Weight: 2.5kg | Season Rating: 2 | Comfort Temp: 9°C | Dimensions: 210 x 150cm

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Vango Kanto Double Quad

The addition of a hood gives this sleeping bag more flexibility to different weather conditions so ideal if we end up having a cooler summer. Still a 2 season rating and summer only outdoor use with it’s comfort temperature of 10°C. The Polair® lining has been brushed to make it feel like cotton. Unlike single hooded bags this one fully zips apart so can also be used as a blanket in really warm weather.

Best for: Summer campers looking for a double with flexibility for colder or warmer weather

Weight: 3.6kg | Season Rating: 2 | Comfort Temp: 10°C | Dimensions: 215 x 150cm

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Vango Evolve Superwarm Double

The jump to a 3 season rating and a comfort temp of 7° means this bag can be used for late spring & early autumn trips as well as summer. Made from 100% recycled polyester this bag ticks the eco friendly box. Another big jump in quality is the double layer construction which uses two layers of insulation stitched at different points to stop cold spots developing in the bag.

Best For: Regular campers who head off camping before summer and want to help the planet with their purchase

Weight: 3.2kg | Season Rating: 3 | Comfort Temp: 7°C | Dimensions: 210 x 150cm

Vango Era Double

Another sleeping bag from Vango’s Earth range which is developed using 100% recycled materials in its construction. This 2 season model is aimed at summer campers and campervan use and has a stylish printed design. The recycled Polair® Snug lining is brushed to feel like cotton. It’s a single layer construction to stop over heating in the summer and features a zip guard to stop it jamming and an autolock zip so it doesn’t come down in the night.

Best For: Style conscious campers looking for a summer bag which is good on the environment

Weight: 3.15kg | Season Rating: 2 | Comfort Temp: 9°C | Dimensions: 210 x 150cm

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Vango Serenity Superwarm Double

This double has a low comfort rating of 2° giving it a strong 3 season performance which can be used from spring through till autumn. The premium double layer construction reduces cold spots and the Thermolock Pro insulation performs even when wet! It has a supersoft microfibre shell and can be split into two singles if an argument breaks out.

Best For: All year round campers wanting a warm double sleeping bag

Weight: 4.24kg | Season Rating: 3 | Comfort Temp: 2°C | Dimensions: 215 x 150cm

Vango Aurora Kingsize

The pinnacle of Vango’s range of family sleeping bags, the Aurora has a 100% cotton inner and polycotton outer so it feels like your duvet back home. The extra width of 170cm gives you more room to move around and the premium double layer construction will keep you nice and cosy. With a comfort temp of 2° and a solid 3 season rating it can be used from spring to autumn.

Best For: Luxury campers wanting a sleeping bag that feels like you are sleeping at home

Weight: 6.15kg | Season Rating: 3 | Comfort Temp: 2°C | Dimensions: 225 x 170cm

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Vango Radiate Double

For the gadget lovers is Vango’s Radiate series of sleeping bags and chairs. These use a heat panel powered by a USB power bank to create warmth in the base of this sleeping bag. Gimmicks aside this is a solid and cosy 3 season sleeping bag with a 2°C comfort temperature. Double layer construction, brushed lining and insulated zip baffle make this a fully featured option.

Best for: Campers who want a double sleeping bag that has everything

Weight: 4.7kg | Season Rating: 3 | Comfort Temp: 2°C | Dimensions: 215 x 150cm

Why You Shouldn’t Buy a Double Sleeping Bag

Seems a strange thing for a sleeping bag retailer to say but it’s worth considering whether a double bag is the best option for your trip. Apart from the obvious spooning advantages etc a double bag is actually pretty poor at keeping you warm vs a single model. The key way a sleeping bag keeps you warm is by trapping the warm air your body creates around you. When two people sleep in a bag a large volume of air either escapes up the middle or up the sides. You also lose the thermal advantages of key features such as a mummy shape, hood and shoulder baffles. Thus you either need to get a very thick sleeping bag or wear warmer clothes when sleeping. So if you are doing camping in autumn or winter we really would recommend considering getting two singles or a double that zips out into two singles so if it gets too cold you have options while you are away.