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Best Budget Lightweight Sleeping Bags Under £50

If you are on the lookout for a super compact and lightweight sleeping bag you’ll know that the majority use down fillings which makes them a very expensive option. However we’ve put together a list of budget options which all come in under £50. Ideal for bikepacking and backpacking in warmer climates or for use with a specialist thermal liner

1. Summit Ultra Lite 580

For the ultimate in a no frills lightweight sleeping bags this entry level option from Summit Outdoors is a steal. Yes its a bit basic when you get it out but it has the same 50gsm filling found in more expensive bags and also comes with 210T Ripstop Polyester which is a step up from your supermarket materials. It weighs 580 grams without the compression sack and we squeezed it down to 18 x 15cm.

Size: 220 x 80/50cm | Pack Size: 18x15cm | Weight: 580g | Season Rating: 1-2 | Comfort Temp: 14°C

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2. Highlander Trekker Superlite

A very popular option here at SBS and a model that has been around for a good few years now. The unique central zip makes it work for both left and right handers and it allows easy ventilation in warmer destinations. A super lightweight 580 grams with luxury 400T/20D Ripstop Nylon which is ultra compressible and has a silk like feel. For an ultralite bag this has large dimensions at 220 x 80/50 giving you room to move around.

Size: 220 x 80/50cm | Pack Size: 18x12cm | Weight: 580g | Season Rating: 1-2 | Comfort Temp: 12°C

3. Vango Planet 50

This lightweight bag has a few nifty features up its sleeve (although this does increase the weight). Mosquito nets are fitted to both the hood and base of the bag which is great for leaving zipped up during the day to keep unwanted guests out. The sturdy capped compression sack is fleece lined so can double as a pillow with a top stuffed inside. The Vango Shield treatment protects against bugs and mould/bacteria so great for hotter countries. Not the lightest but you can leave the compression sack at home to save a fair amount of pack size and weight.

Size: 210 x 80/55cm | Pack Size: 22x15cm | Weight: 900g | Season Rating: 1-2 | Comfort Temp: 11°C

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4. Snugpak Jungle Bag

Supposedly used by the armed forces in tropical countries, this light and compact bag has a square base giving much more space. It also means it zips out into a quilt when it’s too hot to sleep inside. Still only weighing 900 grams it features antibacterial materials and a mosquito net built into the hood. Uses Snugpak’s Travelsoft filling which creates a high amount of loft with the minimum of pack size. With a comfort temperature of 7°C it’s almost in 2 season territory.

Size: 220 x 80cm | Pack Size: 18x15cm | Weight: 900g | Season Rating: 1-2 | Comfort Temp: 7°C

5. Solotrekk Microtraveller 50

More an ultralight quilt than a sleeping bag, solotrekk designed the Microtraveller to fulfil a number of functions whilst backpacking around the world. With its square shape it still weighs only 575grams due to the superfine 380T/20D nylon used in its construction. It packs down incredibly small leaving room for a liner to be stored in the compression sack as well!

Size: 190 x 75cm | Pack Size: 15x15cm | Weight: 575g | Season Rating: 1-2 | Comfort Temp: 16°C