4 season

Four season sleeping bags typically allow you to use it in colder weathers such as UK winters and other climates where the temperature would go down to around 0 to -10 degrees. They are highly insulated and include features such as zip, shoulder and neck baffles as well as 3D hoods. Our range of 4 season sleeping bags include both synthetic and down filled bags. The synthetic filled is noticeably cheaper but you will find the pack size much larger and the weight much higher, if you are camping in the cold and wont be trekking or hiking, this wont be a problem. Down filled sleeping bags are ideal for more extreme adventures when packing light is necessary, but this does come with a price tag. 4 season sleeping bags are not just for Winter, they can be used year round and are perfect for people who feel the cold more than others. Other features you may find on 4 season sleeping bags include wind resistant shells, aluminium reflective linings and double layer protection. Most bags come with one, but don’t forget your compression sack to reduce the pack size as they can be rather bulky!

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It is of course possible to see some brands classifying their bags as a 5 season. This usually means that it is a high performance 4 season sleeping bag.