Double sleeping bags are ideal for family camping trips, couples retreats and travelling with a friend or partner. We include 1-3 season rated sleeping bags within this category which can cover a range of activities and trips from family camping in the summer, trips to the caravan in the autumn or travelling all year round dependant on destination. You will find well known and top quality brands such as Lichfield, Highlander, Yellowstone, Gelert & easy Camp to choose from, all in neutral colours to make it easy for couple to compromise! Some come with hoods which prevent heat loss from the head which is one of the most vulnerable places on the body for heat loss. Some also include features such as zip and shoulder baffles to retain heat as well as internal storage pockets to keep valuables close by. You will find that they come with either a stuff sack or compression sack for storage which makes packing it away for your next trip a breeze! We also stock liners in a double size to add a little more warmth or simple keep your sleeping bag cleaner for longer!

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