Compression & Stuff Sacks

Compression sacks are a godsend when it comes to sleeping bags and packing small. Use the 4 way strap design on these Vango compression sacks to compact and squeeze your sleeping bag down to a tiny pack size making it simple to pack in your backpack or rucksack. Ideal for backpackers, D of E expedition participants and other adventurers who need to pack light and space saving is a priority! Compression sacks can also be used for other accessories such as liners and pillows and as there is a range of sizes available (small to extra large) you can choose the best one to suit your gear. Many sleeping bags come with a stuff sack or compression sack but they can become damaged or lost so we sell them separately at a reasonable price so you don’t miss out!

A word of warning – NEVER leave your sleeping bag inside a compression sack for extended periods. Sleeping bag manufacturers typically suggest a 24 hour maximum. Prolonged compression can severely damage the insulating properties of a sleeping bag rendering it next to useless.

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