Vango California Rock & Roll 10cm Double Mat


  • Designed as a Topper for Campervans – suitable for VW California’s and other motorhome conversions
  • Luxurious 10cm Depth of Foam – for the ultimate in comfort when sleeping on your seat converted bed
  • Dual Cyclone Valves – for quick and easy inflation and deflation
  • 3D Flat Wall Construction – flat rather then seam side walls give the full width of 100cm
  • Compact Pack Size – supplied with fastpack compressible carry bag which shrinks mat to 50 x 28cm

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vango california rock roll 10
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Building on from Vango’s extremely popular California mattress, this Rock & Roll model doubles the thickness to 10cm offering the highest levels of comfort when sleeping on your rock and roll campervan bed. Is still packs down to 50 x 28cm meaning it will take up much less space than mats traditionally supplied with VW California vans and similar conversions.

Sizing for All Campervan Conversions

This sleep mat is 180 x 100cm in size which means it will fit on the smallest models of Rock & Roll bed such as Ribs 2 Seater Model at 1040mm x 1860mm. Of course if used within the VW California it won’t be an exact fit but only around 15cm short so a minimal inconvenience considering the space saved from using this mat over the original folding mattress or OEM replacements from Brandrup or similar.  With a 10cm depth its also deeper than many original or replacement mats whilst occupying a smaller space when packed away. The corner cut out allows it to be used up against the sidewall without catching on the boot pillar.

Dual Cyclone Valves

Situated at one end of the mattress are two Cyclone valves which are easily accessible from your boot when the bed is out. For inflation purpose simply unscrew the outer caps and then flip the one way valves on their side. The high density foam will then draw air in and start the expansion of the mattress. You can then flip the valves closed and add additional air by mouth to get it to the right firmness for you. Now the real advantage of the cyclone valve is the ability to turn the one way section around the other way when packing the mattress away. This means that as you push the air out it doesn’t try to re-inflate itself and suck air back in. For those of you have wrestled with many a self inflating mat will know this is a god send!

Fabrics & Insulation Rating

The mat is constructed from 75 denier polyester which has been brushed to give a softer feel to it. Ideal if you have slipped off your pillow in the night and have some face to face contact! The fabric also has the added benefit of feeling warm to the touch. The new rounded corners give it a stylish modern feel and the neutral grey main material with blue sides mean it should look great with all interiors. The Pop 5 has an R-value of 9.1 and a TOG rating of 16 which offers a significant amount of insulation however this is only really important if used on the ground rather than a motorhome.

Packing Away

Having two valves makes deflation much easier due to the amount of air that be extracted whilst rolling away. To deflate open the outer cap on the valves and then flip the one way valves to their flat yellow side which will only allow air out of the mat. You can of course roll all the air out and place inside the supplied carry bag for the minimum of storage space or simply open the valves and fold the mat up and sit on your back shelf. Separate compression straps are supplied with the Rock & Roll mattress which can be used to keep it rolled up and also compress further. The mat can then be optionally placed inside the wide opening fastpack carry bag and again compressed with the straps built into the bag. When in it’s bag it packs down to 50 x 28cm and when folded in thirds it measures 60 x 100 x 21cm.

Additional information

Weight 4200 g


Pack Size

50 x 28cm


180 x 100cm