Vango Comfort 10cm Double Self Inflating Mat


  • Luxurious 10cm Depth Foam – for the most comfortable night when camping
  • Neutral Grey Design – to match all tent styles and designs
  • Cyclone Valve – for easy inflation and deflation
  • Small Pack Size – of just 67 x 35cm in it’s supplied carry bag
  • 3 Year Warranty – simply register on Vango’s website

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Vango Comfort 10cm Double Self Inflating Mat
Vango Comfort 10cm Double Self Inflating Mat £127.99

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With 10cm of luxurious open cell foam it feels as close to your mattress at home as you are going to get. It has non-slip material on the base so you won’t slide around the tent in the night. Vango’s Cyclone Flip Valve makes inflation and deflation much easier compared to cheaper twist valves. It also includes and easy to pack carry bag which if stuffed can also be used as a pillow.

Key Features

  • 10cm Depth – luxurious 10cm depth of self inflating foam which offers a very comfortable nights sleep like you are back at home
  • Compact Pack Size of 67 x 35 – for such a deep and double mat this has a very compact pack size
  • Easy Pack Carry Bag – the unique drawstring closure bag makes it easy to pack away when your camping is over. You can also stuff with spare clothes to make a pillow.
  • Cyclone Flip Valve – quick and easy to inflate and deflate (see our images)
  • Soft Touch Flocked Top & Non-Slip Base – comfortable top material to sleep on and then a non-slip base to stop the mat moving around in your tent
  • Repair Kit – if the worst happens a handy repair kit is supplied
  • 3 Year Warranty – when you register via Vango’s website
  • Dimensions: 200 x 130 x 10cm
  • Weight: 6.65kg

Materials & Construction

The top of the sleep mat is made from 75D peach polyester which is a comfortable and soft fabric feeling warm to the touch. On the underside is a 75D non slip polyester base to stop your mat from moving around the tent floor when you sleep. Should any unfortunate mishaps with a sharp branch or similar happen then an emergency repair patch with glue is included in the bag. Elastic straps are also provided to keep the mat rolled up and then a roomy carry bag with carry handles for storage.

Cyclone Valve & Inflation

This premium double self inflating mat also includes Vango’s high quality Cyclone Valve. This provides one way airflow into and out of the mat depending on whether you are inflating or deflating. To inflate the sleep mat simply screw the cap off the valve and then flip the one way system on its side to let the fullest amount of air into the mat. Then leave the mat to semi inflate by itself. Then turn the one way system to only allow air into the mat by flipping to the side with the yellow stick on. Now you can add additional air by mouth until it is your preferred firmness. When you are ready to pack away flip the one way system over to the flat yellow side. This will only allow air out of the mat and stop it trying to re-inflate itself as you are packing it away! Now roll up the mat forcing the air out and then secure with the elastic straps.

Additional information

Weight 6650 g



200 x 130 x 10cm

Pack Size

67 x 35cm