Data We Collect

Website Visitors

As a visitor to this website we use cookies to collect data on the pages you visit. Cookies do not store any personal information but allow us to optimise our website for a better shopping experience. We can also use this data to customise external advertising and so show you products you may be still be interested in and looking to purchase.

We share this data with Google, Facebook & Twitter. However you can opt out of this data collection by visiting or by changing your privacy settings with each of the companies named above. Please be aware that doing so may limit some of the functionality of the website.

Website Visitors That Place an Order

In order to place an order with our store we need some personal information in order to process the payment and dispatch the items to you. We also use your information to request independent feedback on the service provided.

Data Collected & StoredWhy We Collect This Data
Your NameTo know who to address the order to and for customer verification when getting in touch
Billing AddressSo we can check this when processing your card payment to prevent fraud
Delivery AddressSo we know where to deliver your order
Email AddressSo we can send you a receipt, keep you updated on your order progress and make a request for feedback on the service we provided. We will also use it to contact you in case of any order problems.
Telephone Number (optional)If you provide this we will use it contact you in case of problems and give you SMS updates if you choose our Express Delivery service
IP AddressWe collect this to help us combat fraudulent transactions
Products OrderedSo we know what items to send you and know what you ordered in case you have any problems with your order.
How long do you keep this data?We delete this information 13 months after the order has been placed so we are able to not only fulfil the order but handle any aftersales and warranty enquiries.

Who We Share Your Data With

We share your data with organisations that enable us to take payment, ship your order and obtain independent feedback.

Data Shared WithWhy We Share It
Royal MailSo we can ship standard delivery orders and check they have been delivered successfully
DPD CouriersSo we can ship our express orders and give you updates on when it will be delivered
StripeSo we can process your payment via card
TrustpilotSo we can get independent feedback on how well we performed
PostmarkTo ensure the timely delivery of our receipts we use a 3rd party provider to send emails
Google, Facebook & TwitterThis enables us to analyse our traffic and serve ads you may be interested in on these networks